Guest post: Why are the police protecting Philip Green? Thoughts from a police cell

This is a guest post by someone who took part in yesterday’s Christmas Special action in central London.

Yesterday I was arrested inside Topshop on Oxford Street after just two minutes of protesting.

For chanting “pay your tax”, two snarling beefcake thugs hired by Topshop bent my arms behind my back, shoved me in front of two coppers, who then frogmarched me out to the back of the store, and onto the police station, where I remained for seven hours.

Police station cells are barren concrete holes where the only signs of life come from the immortal carvings etched into the wooden bench by some previous guests of the State.

Yesterday’s police cell promoted two things:
1) Walking in a circle
2) Thinking…

Why on earth are the police protecting the likes of Topshop, Vodafone, Boots, and Barclays!!? The bosses of these companies take an active interest in reducing their contributions to public funds.

9 people got arrested yesterday, six in London, and three in Nottingham. Dozens of police heavies guarded the fronts of Vodafone, Boots and Arcadia stores across the country.

The political Right in this country like to talk about the horrors of a “something for nothing” culture. Well, Philip Green pays no tax on his company dividends. He couldn’t give a monkeys about public funds, yet his stores are granted protection by the police force – a public service!

Companies like Topshop also make full use of waste disposal services, the Royal Mail, ambulances, fire service and road maintenance.

How amazing would it be if the unions and the police federation organised to withdraw their labour from these companies? Binmen should refuse to pick up Vodafone’s garbage! The police should refuse to attend demonstrations or arrest shoplifters at Topshop and friends.

Philip Green, if you refuse to pay tax, then you should rely on your own beefcake thugs to protect your profits, and not call in the cops. Yesterday you, and the rest of your ilk, proved that you really are filthy rich scroungers.

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