‘Who wants to evict a millionaire?’ What you can expect on the day…

This Saturday UK Uncut will be bringing civil disobedience to the doorsteps of some of the reckless millionaires responsible for the unjust and unnecessary cuts devastating people’s lives across the country.

Here’s what you can expect from the day:

 – In London hundreds of people will be gathering at the main concourse of King’s Cross station at 11.30am. They will be heading to the home of a mega-rich politician who is directly responsible for the bedroom tax for a day of resistance. Bring an oyster card zones 1 – 2, water and food to share, comfy shoes, flags, pillow cases, paints, balloons and banners!

– In Brixton, Chelmsford, Birmingham and Manchester, other groups will be taking to the streets to fight back. We also have a few surprises planned…

– We will use civil disobedience that is creative, determined and exciting. UK Uncut has transformed public and private spaces, including high street tax dodgers and banks, blocked roads and bridges and partied outside the deputy prime minister’s house to protest against austerity. Expect more of the same!

– We will be putting our bodies in the way of economic and social injustice. We will be resisting the cuts that are devastating ours and others lives, and bring that resistance to the homes of the politicians who are pushing these cuts.

– We will find ways to get to our target no matter what. It’s important that we look after each other and work together to reach our destination. Follow the pillow cases and UK Uncut on twitter and facebook to get to the target. We always aim to be creative, child friendly, caring of each other while we confront those in power. Please don’t bring loads of booze, we need to be on our toes and we can have a beer later.

– We know for sure what will happen if we don’t act and stay at home: Cameron, Osborne and co will carry on ripping the heart out of the welfare state.


If you’re coming along on Saturday, as with any protest and act of civil disobedience, it’s important to know your legal rights.

At the London action on Saturday there will be legal observers from GBC who are there to monitor police behaviour – it’s important that you report anything to them that you witness.

GBC’s legal support number is: 07946 541511

The Activists’ Legal Project have a model ‘bust card’ – providing simple info about what to do if you do get arrested- these will be given out on the day.

Arrests at UK Uncut actions are rare, but the police response is unpredictable and heightened security concerns from the police because of Thatcher’s death make it more uncertain. It’s important that we are looking out for each other and for the people who come to our actions.

We will have fun, we will make our resistance known and we will look out for each other’s safety.

For more information you can directly contact one of the specialist groups set up to help protesters deal with the police and the legal system.

The Activists’ Legal Project and the Green & Black Cross (GBC) offer legal briefings and resources.

See you on the streets!