We need your help to challenge press lies

On March 26th, UK Uncut took to the streets of London and occupied dozens of stores including Fortnum & Mason. The hundreds of UK Uncut actions up and down the country before to the 26th set a clear precedent of inspiring, creative action, and we were available for media calls throughout the day. Despite this, many media outlets, whether through deliberate malice or lazy journalism, completely misrepresented what UK Uncut did on the day. Similar nonsense was repeated in the run up to the Royal Wedding. We need your help to make sure this stuff doesn’t go unchallenged.

The PCC is an imperfect recourse for this sort of thing – but it can force media outlets to make an apology and to think again before publishing lies about us.

How you can help:

Locate articles in which a newspaper lies about UK Uncut, then go to the PCC website and make a complaint.

It’s best to remain civil and be very clear about your ask: an apology or removal from their website is good. Don’t settle for a letter. Please forward any correspondence to us in an email marked ‘PCC Complaint’.

Once having had their wrists slapped by the PCC, media outlets are less likely to repeat the same slurs, so there’s a lasting benefit.

(Of course, sometimes the media do get it right: in the case of the Fortnum & Mason occupation, we’ve collected together some of the better coverage).