Guest blog: Fees have failed, we demand free education!

This is a guest blog from the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.

CALL OUT: Fees have failed, we demand free education!

On November 19, thousands of students will march on Parliament to demand an end to tuition fees and education cuts as well as the abolition of student debt. Sounds optimistic? No: Germany became the most recent in a long line of countries to abolish university fees and if they can do it, so can we.

Education is something that benefits all of society. It is only just that it be publicly funded at every level, by progressive taxation. This means taxing the rich and those who own vast amounts of property, as well as cracking down on the tax avoided by big businesses.

We don’t just want to scrap tuition fees though; we want a radically transformed education system; a liberated curriculum which is democratically controlled by workers and students and living grants and living wages for all, at all levels of education.

BRITAIN-EDUCATION-POLITICS-DEMOWe will not win this alone, and we will not win it just by passing policy in student unions; we will win with a movement which joins with others in society, and we will win by occupying, organising and agitating in our colleges, schools, communities and workplaces.

We ask you to join us to take part in non-violent direct action during the National Demonstration for Free Education on November 19.

The demo is only the beginning.


We need local waves of action which involve a far broader section of the community than a national demonstration. Get active on your campuses: occupy, blockade and resist on December 3.

Organise in your workplace and your college and bring the fight to your hometown; work with Unions and local groups to march on your city on December 6. We can win this, but we have to do it together.