Press release: UK Uncut responds to PAC questioning the Big 4 accountancy firms

“The Big 4 accountancy firms have been quizzed this morning by MPs, and have admitted to promoting tax dodging. The hypocrisy of this is staggering – the government has given hundreds of millions of pounds to the Big 4 accountancy firms in public sector contracts, and has allowed these companies a central role in making the law on tax avoidance.

“People are fed up of being lied to with the government saying one thing and doing the opposite. The cuts aren’t necessary – we won’t stand for the cuts to our public services, to benefits that people need while the government is pumping money into the pockets of the same accountants and big businesses.

“The politicians are blaming the accountants and the lawyers for enabling tax avoidance, tax dodging businesses say they’re doing nothing wrong and are ‘creating wealth’, and the accountants are blaming capitalism and politicians. The truth is that noone wants to take responsibility for the system that puts profits for big business ahead of services and support for people who most need them. And this year, more and more people will take action against this.”