Press release: UK Uncut Street Parties target ‘architects of austerity’

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Today, UK Uncut [1] will hold street parties around the country that will directly target high profile individuals they see as responsible for the government’s cuts, dubbed the ‘architects of austerity’. The anti-cuts group promises that the protests in ten cities across the UK today[2] will take a radical new direction and will not be quickly forgotten or easily ignored by the government, tax avoiders or City bankers.

UK Uncut have said that the street parties are are designed to resist the government’s cuts and celebrate the much-needed alternatives to austerity. They plan to block roads and hold street parties that instead of celebrating the Jubilee, will celebrate public services and a future decided by the people, not big business and a cabinet of millionaires.

In London[3], details of the target are a closely guarded secret, but the group has said that the street party will be held on the streets ‘of high profile people who caused the cuts’. Hundreds of people are expected to turn out to what the group intends to be a fun and family friendly day out that brings the message home to the ‘architects of austerity’. Comedians, musicians, public sector workers and activists concerned about the impact of the cuts on women, the NHS and welfare state are all taking part in the events.

In Sheffield UK Uncut activists will target Nick Clegg’s constituency office for his support of the coalition’s radical cuts programme and his parties broken election promises. Nottingham Uncut’s street party will target George Osborne who activists claim that despite proclaiming the 2012 budget a ‘Robin Hood’ budget, in fact exposed himself as the Sheriff of Nottingham by choosing to slashing the top rate of tax and announcing deeper welfare cuts. The theme for the party in Manchester is ‘communities against corporate tax dodging’ and is expected to target the shops of high profile tax dodger Sir Philip Green, whose empire includes Topshop, Burton and Dorothy Perkins, amongst others.

UK Uncut supporter Roger Johnston said
“We are being made to pay for a crisis, a crisis that was caused by the banks, through devastating cuts to the NHS, to the welfare state and to our futures. This government of out of touch millionaires have made a choice to do this, yet there are real alternatives like clamping down on tax avoidance or making the banks pay for the crisis they caused.”

“UK Uncut’s street parties are about people taking direct action to celebrate the public services that are currently either being axed, cut or under threat, and to celebrate a different future, decided by us. We didn’t vote for this government’s plan, we will not stand for their lies, and we will not stand for their unfair cuts.”


Note to editors:
[1] UK Uncut is a grassroots anti-cuts direct action network:
[2] Street parties are set to take place in the following cities: Bournemouth, Central London, Crawley – West Sussex, Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nottingham, Sheffield & York.
[3] Details of the meeting points for the London Street Party are online here
For further details and to arrange interviews with activists taking part in the London Street Party, contact 07415063231