UK Uncut reaction to G8 declaration

Today the G8 countries signed a declaration which made promises to tackle tax avoidance and tax havens.

UK Uncut protester, Samantha Taggart, responded:

“For all Cameron and Osborne’s tough talk on tax over the last year in the UK, there has been no tough action on tax. In fact it’s seemed more like the government is trying to turn the UK into a tax haven than close them down. So it’s hard to believe that today’s agreement will really live up to its huge hype because it is lacking in any substance as to how it will be implemented or when by. Style over substance rarely leads to meaningful change.

“If Cameron put half as much effort into tackling tax dodging as he has into cutting our public services, it would be a thing of the past. In the UK, the government must clamp down on tax avoidance and end the political choice to slash the Welfare State, privatise the NHS and cut legal aid. This is why we will vow to continue to resist the government’s cuts and hold the government to account with creative civil disobedience.”