UK Uncut’s Christmas Turkey is… Vodafone!

Over the last week and a half, thousands of people have voted in the polls to decide which high street target we should focus on shutting down for this Saturday’s Christmas Special.

The run-off between Vodafone and Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia empire closed at 11pm. UK Uncut’s Christmas Turkey is… VODAFONE!

Vodafone was the target of UK Uncut’s very first action. At the time, HMRC and Vodafone dismissed the claims of a £6bn tax dodge as an ‘urban myth‘.

Fourteen months later, thanks to direct action taken by people all across the country, the debate is not whether the £6bn tax dodge happened, but whether it was actually as much as £8bn, and whether it may have been not just bad practise, but entirely illegal.

This Saturday, we’re going to hit the high streets to shut down Vodafone again. The message to the company: the £6bn dividend you just paid to shareholders should have gone to help save our public services, and we won’t stand for it. The message to parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, chaired by Margaret Hodge MP: we’re grateful for the work you’ve done so far in exposing the wrongdoing at HMRC, now keep going and get us our £6bn back.

The message to the government: the cuts you are implementing are destroying our public services and precious welfare state. You say they are necessary, that there are no alternatives. It’s a lie. Here’s one alternative: collect the tax avoided by corporations and rich individuals, starting with Vodafone’s £6bn.

Though direct action, we’ve forced the issue of tax dodging on to the political agenda and already claimed the scalp of HMRC boss Dave Hartnett. Now is the time to keep up the pressure, to shout to Vodafone and parliament: we want our money back. This Saturday, hit the high streets louder, angrier and more determined than ever, sure in the knowledge we are having a real effect.

Find a Christmas Special action near you on our actions page. See you on the high streets!