New poll; it’s now a two-horse race! Who’s your tax-avoiding Christmas Turkey?

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Over a thousand people voted in the Facebook poll to decide which tax-avoiding Scrooge or big-banking Grinch will be shut down for UK Uncut’s Christmas Special on Saturday December 17th.

Now, with just one week to go before the big day of action, we’ve narrowed down the choice to the two naughty companies that have received the most votes so far. Who will be crowned UK Uncut’s Christmas Turkey and get a roasting on the 17th- Vodafone or Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia empire? You decide- so get voting!

Why vote for Vodafone?

There are at least six billion reasons why you might vote to shut down Vodafone on December 17th. Vodafone was UK Uncut’s first target and we’ve been shutting it down ever since. For the last ten years Vodafone has been fighting tooth and nail to avoid paying the UK government £6bn in tax it owes us. That money could have prevented every single one of the crippling cuts implemented over the past year.

Not only has Vodafone’s tax break been deemed potentially illegal, but MPs have speculated that the figure may be as high as £7 billion or even £8 billion! A casual seven or eight billion that could be used to stop cuts to essential public services and halt the dismantling of our welfare state.

This year, the company paid out over £6 billion to its shareholders in dividends. Hmm, £6 billion, wonder where that came from…

Vodafone’s £6 billion tax dodge could also pay for 40 million Fortnum & Mason Classic Christmas Hampers

Why vote for Philip Green’s Arcadia empire?

UK Uncut first hit Topshop in early December last year by shutting down their flagship store on Oxford Street, the biggest fashion shop in the world. In 2005, Big Phil awarded himself a staggering £1.2bn, the biggest pay check in British corporate history. But to avoid paying some £300m in tax, the dividend pay-out was channelled through a network of offshore accounts, via tax havens in Jersey and eventually to his wife’s bank account in Monaco (the lovely Tina). That money could pay for all of the planned cuts in youth services, preventing the loss of 3,000 full-time youth workers.

To make matters worse, our pal David Cameron appointed Green as an advisor on the cuts. The unelected billionaire was gracious enough to commute in from Monaco on his private jet to report his findings to the British public.

Philip Green’s £300 million tax dodge could also pay for 2 million Fortnum & Mason Classic Christmas Hampers

Get voting!

Register your vote on the new Facebook poll. Once you’ve voted, make your choice count by getting involved in an action!
Read the callout, then check the actions page for an action near you; if there isn’t one, why not organise it yourself?

The winner will be announced on Wednesday so we all have time to prepare for what promises to be a real Christmas Cracker of a day. See you on the high streets!