Twitter Meeting: Tuesday 18th

On Tuesday 19.30-21.00 come to a UK Uncut meeting, hosted on the hashtag #taxmeet.

The Big Society Revenue and Customs’ next day of action is on the 30th of January. It is the day before self-assessment tax returns for self-employed people are due, so surely it is the deadline for corporate tax avoiders to make their return to public purse.

But whose door will the BSRC knock on this time?

On our previous actions people around the country have hit all sorts of different targets. However, there have always been one or two wealthy individuals or corporations that have been shamed the most. So far, Philip Green and Vodafone have borne the brunt of our actions.

Who should it be on the 30th?

Has someone got off the hook too lightly? Has one company’s sneaky tax arrangements not been fully exposed? Or are you so angry at Philip Green and Vodafone that you think that the BSRC should go after them again?

The criteria for a new target:

– Highly profitable or highly rich tax dodger!
– A nationwide target, so actions are replicable up and down the country
– Open for business on Sunday 30th January. (That rules out the banks we’re afraid!)

Look at the False Economy / PCS favourite tax dodger list:

But are there any others? Get your thinking caps on!

The meeting will start with people making suggestions. A shortlist will be drawn up and debated.

Will there be an outright winner? We shall see…

See you there. Tuesday night. 19.30. Hashtag: #taxmeet