Twitter Direct Action Training – Sunday 23rd

This Sunday evening Brighton Uncut will be providing Direct Action training via the medium of Twitter! To allow for maximum feedback/response, the training will be split into two sessions (4pm – 6pm/7.30-9.00pm).

The aim of the session is to provide some serious food-for-thought before the next wave of UK Uncut mischief. If as a growing movement we are to keep grabbing headlines and public support we need to ramp-up the creativity of our actions. There is a world of tactics and strategies out there and Sunday’s session will hopefully provide a brief showcase of those which may be best-suited to our urban environment. Crucially, the training will deal with much more than tactics – we aim to cover organising methods, personal security, legal guidance and more…

As it stands the training will look something like this:

What is Direct Action?/ Why take take Direct Action?
Affinity group formation (action and support roles)
Consensus decision making
Direct Action tactics (DA tools)
Security for activists
Legal guidance for those taking Direct Action
What happens if i get arrested? – What will happen to me in custody?
Putting it all together! – from affinity formation to successful action.
Q & A session

So. Sunday the 23rd of January at 4pm. See you on the Brighton Uncut twitter. All will be re-tweeted on the main UK Uncut twitter.