Dave Hartnett: Time to Resign

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Press release: UK Uncut and Occupy London to descend upon HMRC to demand resignation of boss Hartnett

On Monday 24th of October at 12:00, join UK Uncut and pay a visit to HMRC to demand the resignation of the 1%’s favourite taxman.

Dave Hartnett is the head of HMRC and best friend of tax dodging corporations. This is the guy that shook hands on a deal to let Vodafone off £6bn of tax and who recently cut a secret arrangement to let Goldman Sachs off £10m (then lied to Parliament about it). Following a year of pressure from the high streets, Hartnett’s job is hanging by a thread. Even Tory MPs and the Daily Mail are demanding his resignation.

Dave Hartnett is a corrupt representative of a corrupt system, where the richest 1% are routinely allowed to scam and lobby their way out of paying their fair share. Whilst 99% of us pay our tax, super-rich corporations and individuals are getting away with scamming the rest of us out of £25bn a year. That’s enough to save every single school, library, hospital, leisure centre, charity and youth club currently facing the government’s cuts.

Hartnett’s own staff are victims of the government’s cuts. Whilst 25,000 staff at HMRC have been fired, leaving the organisation almost incapable of functioning, Hartnett has been carving out a career as ‘the most wined and dined civil servant’ in Whitehall, regularly accepting luxury hospitality from a vertiable who’s who from the world of tax avoidance: Goldman Sachs, KPMG, PWC, JP Morgan and many more.

Rumour has it HMRC staff aren’t hugely impressed by their boss’s corruption. On Monday lunchtime, we’ll pay a visit to HMRC, go up to Dave Hartnett’s office and demand his resignation in person. (Failing that, we’ll be asking members of HMRC staff to do the job for us!)

Gather at 12 noon at OccupyLSX, the amazing and inspiring camp on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral and we’ll move to HMRC from there.

Check back soon for details of banner-making and brainstorming sessions at OccupyLSX this weekend.

See you at the Occupation.