Good luck to everyone taking action on Saturday!

It is unforgivable that half a million people in this country are reliant on food banks due to government cuts while the super-rich continue to be allowed to dodge tax. HSBC have more subsidiaries in tax havens than any other bank. Nobody else is holding them to account. What you are doing tomorrow is really important.

Here are some things to remember for your action:

  • Print off some of these beautiful placards and flyers so people know why you’re there.
  • If you are collecting food at your action, you can find a local food bank to donate it to here. Most aren’t open on Saturdays, so make contact and find out when you can deliver. If you’re wondering what food to donate, check out this list.
  • Remember, the staff working in the branches aren’t the enemy, a lot of them are in a union, are not on massive pay, and share a lot of your views – print off some of these flyers and talk to them.
  • There’s usually no trouble at UK Uncut actions, but sometimes there’s a small group of troublemakers who mess it up for the rest of us – the police. Make sure you know your rights and stay safe.
    The Activists’ Legal Project and the Green & Black Cross (GBC) offer legal briefings and resources.
  • Last but not least, it’s going to be a scorcher so bring lots of water and stay hydrated!

Good luck, and remember to take photos and share them with the rest of the UK Uncut network on twitter – use #StuffTheBanks.

See you in HSBC!