November 30th: show some solidariTEA!

On November 30th over 3 million people will take direct action against the Government’s austerity agenda.

In Britain’s biggest strike in living memory, nurses, teachers, construction workers and fire fighters will all come together on picket lines to reject the Government’s unfair and unnecessary assault on public sector pensions. UK Uncut will be with them. On June 30th we took the workers the Big Society Breakfast. On November 30th we will be serving up hot mugs of solidariTEA.

We’ve shut down scores of high street shops, blocked bridges and staged creative interventions in conferences. November 30th is the time to stand with the people going on strike.

On November 30th, show the government that we are all in this together — against them — by taking a flask of hot solidariTEA to people on the picket lines. Discover your nearest picket by checking out False Economy, N30 Strike or contacting your local branch of one of the striking unions. And later on in the day, why not join one of the marches listed on False Economy or Right to Work?

The government and the media will try to say that the strikers are out for themselves; that they don’t have public support. Let’s show them that they’re wrong. From now and on the day of the strike, send us your photos demonstrating your support to the special email address Photos will appear on on our Flickr photostream. Think banner drops, signs in windows and at your workplace — any way you can to show your support for the strike. Get creative!

There are alternatives to the coalition’s cuts. Rather than dismantling our public services and slashing pensions, make the banks pay for the crisis they caused, and stop tax dodging by corporations and the mega-rich. See you on the picket lines. And hanging off bridges, towers, lampposts… #n30 #solidariTEA

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