Raise £1000 for the Brighton 9

On 4th December last year, members of Brighton Uncut glued themselves to the inside of a window at Topshop in one of the most audacious and widely read about actions to date. They were using the example of Topshop boss Philip Green’s £285m tax dodge to highlight the now well-publicised link between tax avoidance and public spending cuts.

Friday saw the culmination of their two-week trial, which featured Caroline Lucas MP, tax expert Richard Murphy and Dr Ron Singer called as expert witnesses by the defence. Caroline Lucas offered her full support to the Brighton 9, who she says “put the ethics back into politics”.

In a front page story, the local paper branded the £100,000 trial a “waste of money” and noted that defendants were actually cleared of most charges. Nevertheless, five were found guilty of accidentally damaging two mannequins which toppled over when they entered the window display and handed £200 fines each.

In a show of solidarity, and encouragement for those planning on taking action in the future, we’re attempting to cover the £1000.

You can donate via bank transfer (drop us an email to donations@ukuncut.org afterwards with your donation amount) or Paypal. We’ll update this page with details of how the fundraising is going!

Update 28/09 10am: We raised £80 in the first day. Just 92 more people donating £10 each would cover the whole amount!

Update 28/09 11am: We’re now over a third of the way through!

Update 28/09 1pm: We’ve now raised over £500! Keep going for the superglue stars.

Update 29/09 11am: £830, we’re almost there! 17 more people donating £10 each would cover the entire amount.

Update 29/09 12pm: WE MADE IT! What an inspiring show of solidarity! We’ll have a guest blog from Brighton Uncut up soon!

Brighton Uncut will be helping to Block the Bridge, Block the Bill on 9th October!