Press release: UK Uncut join anti-austerity march

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UK Uncut are joining the march today against government cuts and austerity. UK Uncut activists and supporters have travelled in from all over the country to join the hundreds of thousands of people protesting against the cuts. [1][2]

Sarah Miller, a spokesperson for UK Uncut said:

’UK Uncut are joining the march on October 20 to show our opposition to the governments cuts to our vital public services. The cuts are economically illiterate and punish the poorest and most marginalised members of our society for a crisis caused by the banks.

Austerity is not an economic necessity, but a political choice. Instead of enforcing their unpopular cuts, the government should be putting their energy into stopping tax dodging by big corporations, like Starbucks, and super-rich individuals.

UK Uncut are planning more exciting and creative protests in upcoming months to keep the pressure on the government and the tax dodging super-rich.’