Press release: UK Uncut calls next day of mass action against tax avoiders

PRESS RELEASE: UK Uncut calls next day of mass action against tax avoiders.

Anti-cuts activists, UK Uncut, today will call their next national day of action targeting tax avoiders, such as Vodafone, Philip Green’s TopShop, HSBC, for Sunday 30 January.
The group says that the day will ‘ram home the message that the cuts are ideological and unnecessary’. They are pointing out that the government will fine ordinary people who miss the deadline for self-assessment tax returns which are due on the day after the protests whilst companies are avoiding tax.
People around the country will being encouraged to target as many tax avoiding companies as possible, as creatively as possible. Previous actions have included a ‘read-in’ in Boots, confronting cuts to libraries and a ‘sports day’ in Top Shop highlighting cuts to schools sports programmes.
The group is well-known for its use of social media tools, such as twitter, and are planning training sessions over twitter in non-violent direct action techniques, as well as legal information, and online brainstorms for tactics and targets that people feel ‘have got away with it lightly so far’.
The activists have said that they will be announcing exact details of the protests nearer the time, and are not confirming or denying whether they will be targeting high street shops for the foreseeable future.
Clare Collins, who supports UK Uncut said:
“Whilst ordinary people are rushing to complete our tax forms, threatened with fines if we miss the deadline, rich corporations and individuals are dodging £25bn of tax every year. They can employ armies of lawyers and accountants to exploit legal loopholes and dodge billions in tax they owe to us. And the government doesn’t lift a finger to do anything to stop this, if they did, these cuts wouldn’t be necessary.”
Samina Fiaz, who has attended UK Uncut protests said:
“The government insists that drastic public spending cuts and a hike to VAT are essential. They claim that we’re all in this together. But that’s not true and Sunday 30th will ram home the message that these cuts are nothing but ideological because there are alternatives to the cuts, and one of those is to make tax dodgers pay up.”
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