Press release: Starbucks’ ‘hollow promises’ won’t stop public outrage

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Responding to Starbucks’ announcement today that it will not claim tax deductions in the UK on a range of its tax arrangements, Hannah Pearce, a UK Uncut spokesperson said:

“Offering to pay some tax if and when it suits you doesn’t stop you being a tax dodger. Starbucks have been avoiding tax for over a decade and continue to deny that it paid too little tax in the past. Today’s announcement is just a desperate attempt to deflect public pressure. There’s no money yet, and hollow promises on press releases don’t fund women’s refuges or child benefits.”

“We need to keep up the pressure to get the government to force Starbucks and every other tax dodging company to pay their fair share, instead of cutting welfare and tax credits for single mums and disabled women. This weekend 40 actions will take place in Starbucks stores in towns and cities across the country. People will be transforming Starbucks stores into refuges, crèches and other services which the government are cutting with their unjust and unnecessary austerity plans.”

“The £10 million that Starbucks have estimated they may end up paying is £5 million less than that paid by their nearest competitor Costa coffee. The announcement today will also still see Starbucks paying royalty fees to a subsidiary in the Netherlands where the company has a secret low rate tax deal, and buying coffee beans through the well known tax haven of Switzerland, even though coffee grows in the tropics not the Alps.”