Press release: Starbucks ‘blatant admission of guilt’ over tax

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Responding to reports that Starbucks is set to voluntarily increase its tax payments in the UK [1], Jane Harvey, a spokesperson for UK Uncut said:

“Starbuck’s announcement is a blatant admission of guilt that they have intentionally avoided tax in the UK for years. It is not up to Starbucks to promise it will pay a bit more tax when it suits them, it’s up to the government to force companies to pay their fair share. This announcement shows that protest and public pressure works and that we are doing the government’s job for them as they refuse to tackle tax avoidance. The government’s next step must be to close the loopholes that Starbucks and other companies use to avoid paying billions in tax to the UK, instead of targeting single mums and disabled people through slashing public services, the welfare state and privatising the NHS.”

UK Uncut will be staging a national day of action this Saturday targeting Starbucks stores in protest at the company’s tax avoidance and the impact of government spending cuts on women [2]. There are currently 28 actions planned to take place at Starbucks stores across the country, including Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Truro and Shrewsbury [3].


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