Press release: UK Uncut response to Gary Barlow tax story

Press Release, for immediate release:

In response to today’s revelations about Gary Barlow’s tax affairs, UK Uncut spokesperson, Kara Jackson, 28, said:

“Today’s news that Gary Barlow has been getting away with dodging millions in tax is another example of how the rich think it’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us. Millionaires and corporations are being let off the hook – yesterday it was revealed that Amazon is still paying way less than what it should.

It only takes a minute for the government to get real about the rich paying their tax. Every new story about another OBE, multinational or Tory millionaire not paying their share makes more of a mockery of the governments claims that were “all in this together”. People are angry at this injustice and we’ll be keeping up the pressure on tax dodgers this summer.”


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