Press release: Nick Clegg’s Putney home site of UK Uncut’s anti-cuts street party

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Nick Clegg’s Putney home site of UK Uncut’s anti-cuts street party

UK Uncut[1] has revealed that the secret target of their London protest is the street where Nick Clegg lives in Putney. At, 12:45 six disabled activists chained their wheelchairs together at each end of Parkfields road in Putney, directly outside the Deputy Prime Minister’s million pound home.

Hundreds of people who had earlier gathered in central London are set to join the disabled activists to set up a street party. The protesters say their street party aims to ‘resist the cuts and celebrate a future that is decided by us, not Nick Clegg and his millionaire mates.’

UK Uncut had previously only announced that their protest would directly confront the high profile ‘architects of austerity’, the politicians, bankers and tax avoiders they they see as responsible for the government’s cuts. The move to directly target politicians marks a significant change in tactics for the group which is well known for targeting tax avoiders, such as Vodafone, Sir Philip Green’s stores, Boots and Fortnum & Masons.

As part of the secret plan, at 11.30am, four groups of hundreds of people came from different meeting points across London, before converging on Waterloo and taking the train. The protesters are set to enjoy live music, poetry, comedy, games and will be holding a people’s assembly to discuss the alternatives to austerity.

The protest in London is part of a nationwide day of action, seeing anti-cuts street parties take place in ten cities across the UK.[2] In Sheffield, activists also targeted Nick Clegg’s local constituency office for his support of the coalition’s radical cuts programme and his parties broken election promises.

Jean Sandler, 42, UK Uncut supporter said:
“Nick Clegg is one of the architects of austerity; he’s a millionaire and lives in a million pound home. The cuts are a political choice of this government and the Cabinet of out of touch millionaires, they are not necessary. No one voted for Cameron and Clegg’s disasterous plan that means that we end up paying for the banks’ crisis.

“These cruel cuts are designed to destroy our public services, the NHS, the Welfare state and our future. The cuts are getting personal and so are our protests. ”

Simon Hope, who came to the street party with his daughter, aged 4, said:
“I came to this protest because I think the government is trying to use the Jubilee next weekend to distract people from the cuts and the tough times people are facing. I think that it’s vital that we take direct action against the cuts and as a national sedative. It’s brilliant that the party is on Nick Clegg’s road because he and the rest of the government are not listening to us, our petitions, our vigils or our marches. Today is a wake up call. We will not stand for his lies or the government’s cruel cuts. Nick Clegg can’t ignore us now, we are bringing democracy home.”


Note to editors:
[1] UK Uncut is a grassroots anti-cuts direct action network:
[2] Street parties are set to take place in the following cities: Bournemouth, Central London, Crawley – West Sussex, Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nottingham, Sheffield & York.
For further details and to arrange interviews with activists taking part in the London Street Party, contact 07415 063 231