New target for Dec 4th day of action is Sir Philip Green

this government let Vodafone get away with not paying a £6bn tax bill
earlier this year they sent a very clear message to UK citizens: we are
not all in this together. Ordinary people must accept savage public
spending cuts, whilst rich corporations can avoid paying billions and
billions in tax.

It was not a one off. This government has
slashed jobs at HM Revenue & Customs, making them impotent in the face
of corporate tax avoidance. This certainly isn’t a money-saving
measure: every pound invested in investigating tax avoidance brings £60
back to the public purse.

There can only be one explanation.
David Cameron and his cabinet of millionaires must have decided that
collecting tax from the rich is just another one of those pesky features
of bloated big government. Like education, libraries, care for the
elderly or disabled, creative arts, sports provision and even policing
maybe tax collection is just another vital public service that would be
best left to volunteers. In this spirit we are forming the Big Society
Revenue and Customs (BSRC). Staffed by armies of citizen volunteers we
will replace the HMRC and, in our own unique way, make sure
that corporate tax avoiders pay.

Already, hundreds of people have
hit the high streets in cities across the country to protest against
Vodafone’s £6bn tax-dodge. In an incredible display of co-ordinated,
spur-of-the-moment action around 30 Vodafone stores were blockaded and
forced to close by angry citizens. “If you don’t pay your tax,” they
chanted, “we’ll shut you down.”

Saturday December 4th we will be taking to the high streets once again
to escalate our action against Vodafone and take on a brand new
tax-dodging target. As announced by the Guardian today, the new target is Britain’s most notorious tax-avoider, Sir Philip Green, and his vast retail empire. We need you!

this website you will find all the information about both targets, all
the resources you need to stage a protest
, ideas for creative action,
and most importantly the action centre, where you can join or organise you local action.

And if you find a moment to spare, go to the No. 10 website and nominate us* for a Big Society Award. We think we’re all going to deserve it.

Get prepared. Get excited. See you on the high streets.

* Sadly we can’t provide a name and address – feel free to use your own…