Guest Post: Move Your Money UK – a new campaign launches!

The banking sector we have isn’t working for ordinary people, small business or society at large. Despite plunging the economy into the worst recession in living memory and receiving the biggest tax-payer bailout in history, big banks continue to profit while public services and local economies starve.

As bonus season kicks into full swing, we’re reminded once again that banks aren’t going to change themselves.

This week sees the launch of a new campaign ‘Move Your Money UK’. Because where we keep our money matters.

Banks rely on the deposits of ordinary savers. When you choose where to keep your money, you are choosing between supporting business as usual, or taking a simple but powerful step towards a better banking system. By moving your money you can directly support an ethical and socially useful bank, and send a clear message about the sort of society and economy you want to see. And one you’d rather not.

The tide is turning. Politicians are starting to talk about ‘responsible capitalism’ and boosting the co-operative sector, but they are long on talk and short on action. From civil right activists creating local banking in the US, to Barclays pulling out of apartheid South Africa – change happens when we act.

In October last year, 650,000 Americans moved their money from the big banks to credit unions. 10 million have moved since 2010.

March 2012 is ‘Move Your Money Month’. The month when we act together, move our money, and begin to change British banking for good.

Pledge to Move Your Money now and join the movement for better banking.

“At an individual level, you can’t do everything to put an unfair economy right – but you can do something. Move your money is the new fair trade. It is THE campaign for our time.” – Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Coops UK

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Next week will see the bonus announcements of Barclays. Join us on Feb 10th to let Barclays know what you think about this.