Join the Clown Doctors on the Bridge

On Sunday 9th, as part of UK Uncut’s Block the Bridge, Block the Bill, a group of comedians, musicians and other talented attention-seekers will, for one day only, become THE CLOWN DOCTORS to save the NHS. (Like Patch Adams but without Robin Williams’ nauseating presence.)

You don’t have to be in a union to resist the cuts. Even precarious freelancers can fight. And on Sunday we’ll be on Westminster bridge with thousands of others to tell Andrew Lansley that he’ll be eating hospital food or, at the very least, going home in a London ambulance.

The Clown Doctors will be performing a one-off spectacular show in the very centre of Westminster Bridge. Lineup is still to be totally confirmed but you can be sure its stellar nature will delight and surprise. Already confirmed:

Josie Long
Mark Thomas
Alastair Barrie
Nick Revel
Chris Coltrane
Grace Petri
and many, many more.

The show starts at 1.30pm in the middle of the bridge. Look for the massive banner that says: ‘Alternative Reality Tour.’

Josie Long is currently on the Alternative Reality Tour, a strange and delightful tour of spontaneous free shows spreading the anti-cuts message around the country. Check out the website for dates near you.