Join the Big Society Breakfast and support the strike

June 30th will see 750,000 people go on strike on the biggest day of anti-cuts action yet. Their strike action is direct action against the government’s cuts agenda. PCS have declared that they are ‘Striking for the Alternative’. Working people across the country are standing up to the government, defending their rights and our services.

June 30th is a great opportunity for building the anti-cuts movement. UK Uncut has had huge amounts of support from trade unions. This is our chance to support them. Use this opportunity to get talking to local union activists to help build and broaden resistance to the cuts. Share ideas and tactics, plan UK Uncut actions for the future, and send a strong message to the government that we are all in it together against them.

When UK Uncut started, we called for people to get out on the streets to challenge the government and not wait for the unions. Now the unions are getting out on the streets too. 750,000 people striking in June could be 4 million in autumn. For this to happen, June 30th needs to be a success.

See you on the picket!

What you could do on the day

The Big Society Breakfast is an easy way to support the strikers. Find a picket-line near you; list it on the UK Uncut Action Map and on the 30th head on down nice and early. Talk to the striking workers, tell them your support, let them know you are involved with UK Uncut and exchange contact details for possible future collaboration with your local trade union activists. Picket lines start early and tend to be quite small (10 – 15 people) so even one or two people turning up, on your way to work in the morning, and showing support is valuable and will let the strikers know that they are not fighting the government alone.

Here are some options for providing breakfast on the picket, it’s really easy and will mean a lot to people:
– Buy a round of teas/coffees or sandwiches from a local shop and hand them round
– Bring a thermos of tea/coffee
– Bring some cereal, milk and some bowls
– Bake a cake
– Bring a disposable BBQ and cook up some tasty breakfast/brunch

If you do want to do more than support the picket, plan and list a UK Uncut action in solidarity with the strike and to show the connection between the tax dodged by the super-rich, the crisis caused by the banks, and the attacks to our public services.


-The Press Release is available here:
-There will be flyers and posters available on our resources page soon:
-Spread the Big Society Breakfast video!:

What’s going on in your local area? Where are the picket lines?

You can go to:
Select your location and find details of what pickets, marches and rallies are happening in your area.

If there isn’t anything there (it’s not a complete list) or you would like direct contact with a local union, you can find a of local PCS contacts through the link below: