Help Us Promote Jan 30th

The National Audit Office have just announced a review of HMRC’s big tax settlements (including Vodafone) and Corporate Britain is “running scared”, scrambling to hire expensive PR firms to combat our message. We’re winning. And we need to keep going. Our next day of action, on January 30th, needs to be our biggest yet.

We need your help to promote it.

Unlike big corporations we don’t have million pound advertising budgets. In fact, we have no budget at all. But we do have something much more powerful than that: a network of passionate people, a just cause and something easy you can do about it.

So it’s up to you to make sure the turn out is as huge as possible. Whether you’re organising an action or not, here’s some things you can do to help.

1) Invite your friends to the facebook event. Add a message that explains what it’s all about, what to expect and why you’re going along. Encourage them to follow us on twitter. Direct them to the call out.

2) Write an email to friends, call them up, chat to them face to face. Word of mouth is more powerful than any corporate PR budget. But don’t just talk to your politcial/activist friends. Talk to your granny, your nephew and nieces, your mates, your parents, the postman. This issue has the power to get anyone angry. Even if they’ve never been on a protest before, tell them to come along.

3) Email local campaign groups. Anti-cuts groups are obviously a great place to start. But your local student network, Green group, WI, church etc. might be interested. If you can, pop along to a meeting and talk about it there.

4) Check our action centre. If you know someone who lives in a town not currently taking action, give them a ring and see if they fancy organising one. Explain to them just how easy it is.

5) If you’re in a town with an action planned, distill the essential details into a text message and send it to everyone you know, asking them to forward it on.

6) Think of better, creative, enthusiastic ways to promote the day. Tell us what you’re up to.

Other groups ask you to donate your money, we’re asking you to donate your passion. Cheers.