Guest post: Happy First Anniversary Big Society!

This is a guest post by Unite For Our Society. Please follow them on twitter @Unite4Society and Facebook.

Next Tuesday – the 19th July – it’ll be exactly a year since David Cameron invited a barrage of TV crews to the grand launch of the Big Society. It was his “big passion,” he said – and a “big advance for people power.”

But families and communities across the country now know the real cost of his policy. Cameron’s government has cut £4.4 billion from the voluntary sector. So much for building a Big Society- he’s struck a hammer blow to the vibrant and thriving society we already had.

Over the last month, Unite for Our Society has collected hundreds of stories from the charity workers, volunteers and service users who’ve learnt the hard way what the Big Society really means – that vulnerable people are losing the services they rely on.

We’ve heard of disabled people losing their one social outing a week, unemployed young people losing the classes to help them find jobs, and people who have given their whole lives to helping their communities being made redundant.

So next Tuesday, a group of voluntary sector workers are going to Parliament to tell the prime minister their stories. We want those in power to hear what they’re inflicting on ordinary people – because for the sake of our society, these cuts must stop.
There are two very quick things you can do now to stand up for the voluntary sector against the cuts:

1) Please help us put pressure on Cameron & co to come outside on July 19 and face up to what they’ve done – send them an email now:

2) Sign our Big Society anniversary card, which we’re handing directly in to Downing Street on July 20:

Thank you for your help. Let’s make sure the first anniversary of this flawed policy is also its last.

Unite For Our Society