Guest post: Disabled People Against Cuts

This is a guest post by Andy from Disabled People Against Cuts.

So it’s back to the streets.

People ask us why. We ask- why not?

When everything you have is systematically taken away, why not make a stand? When your voice is taken away, why not shout from the roof tops? When you look over your shoulder at the privileged, protected from this mess by their ability to bypass public services through flexing their financial muscles, why not get angry?

There’s nothing left to lose. Welfare, health, social care, support funding, voluntary sector, housing, legal aid… there isn’t anything this government (or the opposition) won’t dismantle or sell to the lowest bidder.

The deal you thought you had with the state has been broken. You were led to believe that if you worked hard, kept your head down and paid your way that your money would be used to build a society built on fairness and equality.

Instead, your money funds private moats, duck ponds and an Olympics which will break the financial backs of those who are least welcome at it – us.

So why not resist, why not make your own space when none is offered? We have shown in our long history as a movement that we are not going quietly into the night. We aren’t passively accepting our lot and being grateful for the crumbs we are offered.

We will fight back. To the last man and woman. We have no choice.

Join Andy on Weds 18th April, in London at McDonald’s, Leicester Square at 1.30pm to support the Disabled People Against Cuts’ civil disobedience.

For accessibility info including travel arrangements into London, email DPAC: