Guest blog: Michelle from Cornwall Uncut – why I’m taking action

Turn Vodafone into a #VodaHome! 

I have always been brought up to believe in good and honesty. I have both my parents to thank for that.

Here we are in 2014 and all I see is misery around us. Day after day all we hear is how bad things are.
Just today this struck me as very sad It appears that “3.5 million children will be in poverty by 2020″.
How can this be right when it’s 2014 and we’re supposed to be one of the richest Countries in the world?

We also have a housing crisis! What’s that all about? We have so, so many people in need of housing. We also have the poorest being struck down with Bedroom Tax! Let’s face it, if the Bedroom Tax was really all about ‘freeing up’ homes, then yes, the policy would have included pensioners. Not that I believe pensioners should be forced to give up their homes either mind. That should be forced upon NO one!!

Simple answer is, there are not enough new properties being built. I don’t just mean ‘affordable’ properties. We need many more new builds in social housing. Let’s face it a lot of these new ‘affordable homes’ are not even reachable by young newly weds or couples BOTH in employment! What is it that is going so wrong?

I may be disabled, I may be in receipt of Social Security but I still pay my dues in to the national pot. Nevermind all those that continually waffle on “oh you’re on benefits, you don’t pay tax” etc. Hmm, I’ve even seen a tweet from MP Brandon Lewis trying to pull that number!

WE DO!!!!!!! Yes, believe it or not, the poorest, sick, disabled and the unemployed all pay tax! So, if we all pay tax, then what’s the problem I hear you ask?
How about this for starters…

This Saturday I will be out on the streets in association with UKUncut’s Operation #VodaHome Why? – Let me tell you…

Many companies, such as Vodafone DO NOT pay their share of tax in to the national pot!

How can they get away with it is way beyond me.
Let me put it simply…I am a Vodafone customer and I have a Vodafone contract mobile. Once a month I receive a bill. Now then, within that bill is a certain amount of V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) Yes tax.
Now, if, I decided I didn’t want to pay that tax, what do you think would happen? Yes, I would be cutt off. Contract terminated. The thing is, I have no Choice. There is nothing I can do in order not to pay that tax. As I said, I was brought up to be honest and good, I wouldn’t want not to pay my share of tax.
So, just how come Vodafone can not pay any UK corporation tax for a third year in a row despite making a post-tax profit of £59.4bn? Yes, that was fifty nine point four billion!
Can you just imagine for one minute how much that could help the national treasury pot? Housing, NHS, social security, child poverty, foodbanks, all of these things could be better addressed if the tax was paid in to the pot!!
Yes, I am sure you can… It doesn’t take much to see that there is something drastically wrong here.

So, that is why I am going to be out on the streets Saturday June 14th.
Vodahome is the place to be.
Find an event near you or maybe even set up your own!!

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