CALL OUT: Fight the Cuts – Fight for our Future

The cuts of the last five years have devastated people’s lives and are destroying our society. And they’re about to get much, much worse. The ruthless millionaires in charge are planning to cut another £12 billion, on top of the £25 billion they’ve already cut. We need to fight back with all of our energy, creativity and courage, to defend our public services and bring down the architects of austerity.

The new government will be sworn in on the 27th May. Join us on Saturday 30th May to send a loud and clear message that we’re going to continue to fight the cuts every step of the way. It’s going to be a fun, creative direct action, so invite everyone you know (and everyone you don’t) and bring the kids too!

They tell us there’s no alternative to austerity. BUT THAT’S A LIE! There’s loads of money, it’s just in the hands of a few. The Tories have let the mega-rich get away with dodging BILLIONS in tax – £100 billion a year! Handed out £85 billion a year in corporate subsidies. Handed the banks hundreds of billions. Allowed bankers’ pay and bonuses to rocket, and cut tax for the rich. They claim cutting public services is to reduce the deficit, yet spending has increased under their rule! Let’s expose their cruelty and their lies.

The cuts are political choice, not an economic necessity. This government wants to destroy the welfare state and privatise our vital public services. Austerity is just an excuse to transfer public services into private hands, to protect the rich and punish the poor. It’s really that simple. It doesn’t help our economy or our society.

We can’t stop this by asking nicely. If we want to win the fight – and we can win – then we must make it impossible to ignore our arguments and our demands. We need to take direct action and build a powerful grassroots mass movement. We can create a different future – it doesn’t have to be this way – but we, the people, are going to have to create that for ourselves. Let’s bring together all the inspiring struggles and groups that have formed against the cuts and unite against austerity! It’s time to get organised, get creative and fight for our future.

Watch this space for more details coming soon. In the meantime – join the London Facebook event here. If you want to set up your own action in your area, set up a Facebook event and email the link to and we’ll add it to our Facebook page and the website.

See you on the streets!