Donate Some Dosh

For the last 8 months UK Uncut has refrained from asking for donations. We’d far rather you give your time, energy and passion than your money. We’re proud of this decision – determined UK Uncutters across the country have, with zero funding, built a formidable campaign that has won major victories.

But after eight months of being skint, we’d love to be able to be a little more ambitious. If you can, please donate some dosh. (Donate button in the bottom right of the screen.)

We don’t need loads, and we’re not about to replace exciting, inspiring days of action with tedious fund-raising drives. But if you have a little spare cash we’d really appreciate whatever you can give. Rest assured, every single penny will go to fighting the cuts.

And please remember… the best way to give to the cause will always be to get yourself out on the streets. See you there!

UPDATE: We have been overwhelmed by the response. In less than 24 hours we collected as much money as we currently need. We do not want to accept any more than we require, so we have taken down the donate button. Thanks to everyone who donated!