Creative call-out! #May26

This is a creative call out!

May 26. Get it in your diary…

On May 26, in towns and cities around the UK there will be anti-cuts street parties themed around the year 1948, (the year when the NHS and welfare state were born & the last time the Olympics were in town). People will be gathering to protest, party and picnic, talk, listen, and try to define what we want for our future. A future uncut.

This is an artist call out, wherever you live in the UK, we’re after your creative contributions, performance, readings, music, song, poetry, film, paintings, activities, games. It can be anything. Something that needs an audience (we can help with that bit) or just bring your own DIY activity to share.

You can read out loud, get interactive, messy (paints, pens, lego?), work with a small group, one person, or a large crowd. It can be for kids and grown ups – themed (NHS, Women, Welfare and Real Democracy are the 4 different blocs for the London protest). Content can be political, vintage1948 or just about JOY.

It’d be great to have as much creative activity as possible and we hope you are able to come along to support and be part of your nearest street party (here’s a list of all the towns and cities in the UK where they are happening).

And if you can’t be there in person, you can send us something. We’ll read it out/perform it for you. You’ll be with us in spirit.

We want the day to be positive, defiant, hopeful. Packed with good ways of sharing thoughts, ideas, resistance.

If you’ve got something to share, please bring it on the day. Email with your ideas and/or questions and please help us spread this call out far and wide.

See you there!

More info here: The Jubilee is a national sedative- this is a national wake up call!

Check out our 1948 Street Party call out video


#futureuncut #May26

written by Cat, an Art-Uncutter/ UK-Uncutter…