CALL OUT: Crash the Conferences: #ldconf

We’re coming for you Clegg!

We’ve already heard from the Tories and Labour, where Cameron/Miliband/Balls/Osborne gleefully sang the same song on austerity and cuts. Now the Liberal Democrat conference is upon us and no doubt they’ll be joining in loud and clear!

At 1pm on Wednesday October 8th, while the Lib Dems gather to hear Clegg’s big speech, we’re going to crash their conference. When Clegg starts talking, let’s flood the Lib Dems on facebook and trash Clegg on twitter – let’s tell Clegg that we will never forgive his lies and never forget that none of the cuts would have happened if he hadn’t teamed up with the Tories. More details here.

clegg-crown-copyright-prime-ministers-officeUnder the Con Dem coalition we’ve seen four years of savage cuts to public services. The public have been punished for a financial crisis that was caused by the rich. And what has Clegg done to rein in the Tory tyranny? Nothing. Instead we’ve seen the Fib Dems break promises and back policies that have caused suffering for millions of people.

They promised they’d implement a fairer tax system and introduce a mansion tax. They promised they wouldn’t raise university tuition fees. They promised they’d protect the NHS and Sure Start Centres. And what happened? They climbed into bed with the Tories, went back on their promises and pushed through a whole host of ruthless austerity measures. They’ve demonised the marginalised as ‘benefit scroungers’ whilst letting the bankers and corporate tax dodgers off scot-free.

Last week together we hijacked Cameron’s speech. Now it’s Clegg’s turn. Let’s not let the Lib Dem architects of austerity off the hook!

Nick Clegg will be making his speech this Wednesday at 1pm. Be ready.

See you online.