CALL OUT: Crash the Conferences: #Lab14

Listen up Labour!

For the last four years the Government have been punishing the public for a financial crisis caused by the banks. They have sold schools, dismantled the NHS, attacked disabled people, cut libraries, closed children centres and domestic violence refuges and driven people out of their homes and into food banks. And the Labour Party hasn’t done anywhere near enough to stop them. If Labour wants us to think they’re different from the Tories, they need to prove it.

Today at 2:15pm Ed Miliband is making his speech to the Labour Party Conference. This is his big moment to tell us what he’s standing for. Well we think it’s time he started listening instead.

Here’s what we need to do:

At 2:15pm, tweet @Ed_Miliband (and use #lab14) telling him what you want to see the Labour Party do if they win in 2015.

If you’re on facebook, go to the Labour Party page and comment under their latest post with your ideas about what should be in the Labour manifesto.

Yesterday the ever uninspiring Ed Balls set out his agenda: to support the Tories’ austerity, continuing their cuts. But we’re tired of hearing about cuts to our vital public services, while the greedy super-rich get away with dodging tax. We’re tired of the poor getting punished for the financial crisis caused by the banks, while the fat cats get fatter. We’re sick of politicians telling us there’s no alternative, and not addressing real problems

Labour have moved so far from their roots it’s an outrage they’re still calling themselves the Labour Party. It’s time for Labour to listen to the people.

See you at the conference!

Here are some ideas to share with Miliband:

People are ready for change.

It’s time for Labour to get their priorities straight.

And do something about inequality.