CALL OUT: Crash the Conferences: #cpc14

Time for the Tories to listen up. We’ve had enough of being attacked by a cabinet of millionaires.

They told us “we’re all in this together”. They lied. They told us “we’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS”. They lied. They told us they’d “protect the poorest and most vulnerable”. They lied. They told us “those with the broadest shoulders will bear the brunt of the cuts”. They lied.

At 11:30am on Wednesday October 1st, while the Tories gather to hear Cameron’s big speech, we’re going to crash their conference. When Cameron starts talking, let’s flood the Tories on facebook and trash Cameron on twitter – let’s tell him what we think of four years of Tory government, and show them we’re going to fight them all the way. More details here.

The Tory government have unleashed a relentless attack on the public with their savage austerity plans. Dismantling the NHS and wrecking the welfare state. Cutting schools, youth clubs, sure start centres, domestic violence refuges and libraries. Slashing local council budgets. Attacking disabled people with inhumane ‘work capability assessments’ and cuts to vital benefits. Deepening gender inequality, as their cruel and unnecessary cuts disproportionately affect women. Removing access to justice through legal aid cuts. Allowing the big six energy companies to push people into fuel poverty. Cutting jobs, wages and pensions. Selling off social housing and moving people away from their communities. Driving hundreds of thousands into food banks and making families choose between heating or eating.

They told us there was no alternative. But this cabinet of millionaires has continued to let mega-rich individuals and companies get away with dodging BILLIONS in tax – £100 billion a year! They’ve cut the top rate of tax for the rich, they’ve opposed the Robin Hood Tax at every turn, and they’ve allowed bankers’ pay and bonuses to rocket.

Instead of making the tax dodgers pay up and the banks pay for the crisis they caused, they’ve made the public pay. The cuts are a political choice, based on ideology, not economic necessity.

We’re sick of their lies. We’re sick of them protecting the rich and punishing the poor. So watch out Cameron, Osborne and the rest of your crony cabinet of millionaires. We’re coming to get you.

See you online at 11:30am, Wednesday October 1st.