Crash Clegg’s Conference Speech

It’s time for Clegg’s big speech, and time for us to take action. We’ve had enough of being attacked by a cabinet of millionaires. At 1pm today let’s tell Clegg what we think of four years of Con Dem government, and show them we’re going to fight them all the way.

On Twitter:

At 1pm click these links to tweet at him, or make up your own. Tweet .@nick_clegg and use #ldconf and #UKUncut

Four years of Con Dem government

Clegg’s lies about tuition fees

More broken promises

Hands off our NHS

Letting the Tories into power

On Facebook:

At 1pm go to the Liberal Democrats facebook page and comment under their latest post. Be creative, and tell them what you think of the Con Dem government. Or you can copy and paste these comments below:


Under the Con Dem coalition we’ve seen four years of savage cuts to public services. The public have been punished for a financial crisis that was caused by the rich. And what has Clegg done to rein in the Tory tyranny? Nothing. Instead we’ve seen the Fib Dems break promises and back policies that have caused suffering for millions of people. In the world’s sixth biggest economy, nearly 1 million people have been driven to food banks to feed themselves while in the last five years  the wealth of the richest 1,000 people in the UK has more than doubled and super-rich tax dodgers avoid over £100bn every year.


Nick Clegg we’re sick of your lies. You promised a fairer tax system and to introduce a mansion tax. You promised you wouldn’t raise university tuition fees. You promised you’d protect the NHS and Sure Start Centres. And what happened? You climbed into bed with the Tories, went back on your promises and pushed through a whole host of ruthless austerity measures. You’ve demonised the marginalised as ‘benefit scroungers’ whilst letting the bankers and corporate tax dodgers off scot-free.

This is only going to work if everyone gets involved, so join in.

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