CALL OUT: Tax Dodgers Alliance

Join the UK Uncut bloc on the #NoMoreAusterity march, June 21st

This Saturday, thousands of people will be taking to the streets of London to demand an alternative to austerity. If you are sick of this governments’ cuts and lies, tired of politicians from all of the big parties telling us that there are no alternatives, angry about super-rich tax dodgers getting a free ride, then come and join the UK Uncut bloc on the demo.

Meet 12:15pm Bedford Square, London, WC1B

Come and join the newly formed ‘Tax Dodgers Alliance’. Big businesses and the super wealthy are welcome. Bankers, lawyers, CEOs, new money, old money… What do we have in common? We’re stinking rich & we don’t want to share – our cash is offshore.

Come dressed as a tax dodger – are you going to be suited and booted or in your best holiday gear just back from visiting your favourite tax haven?

Bring placards and banners fitting for the Tax Dodgers Alliance. Here are some ideas: “Tax is for little people”, ‘I’m with Gary Barlow’, ‘Who needs the NHS?’

Marching alone won’t stop the cuts. We need to be taking direct action against the government and the tax dodgers. Watch this space for an announcement about UK Uncut’s next action. But marches are an important way to come together and show our strength. And they can be fun.

See you on the streets

Demonstration route:
The Tax Dodgers Alliance bloc will meet at Bedford Square, then join the main march from the BBC’s doorstep, marching through central London, and ending with a free festival outside Parliament.

Transport to London:
There are coaches coming from over 40 locations to the demonstration, many of them for free with new coaches being booked all the time! Find your nearest one here.