CALL OUT: Crash The Conferences

Change is in the air. With less than a year to go until the general election it’s time to tell the agents of austerity that we demand and deserve change.

In the next three weeks UK Uncut are going to CRASH THE CONFERENCES.


The three biggest political parties are gathering their members for their annual conferences. It’s the big chance for Cameron, Clegg and Miliband to tell their parties and the country what they’re standing for. But we don’t want to hear more about austerity, about tightening our belts, about getting our house in order. Because we know that the house they want to order is one that works only for the super rich, for big corporations and for private companies.

We’re tired of hearing about cuts to our vital public services while the greedy super-rich get away with dodging tax. We’re tired of the poor getting punished for the financial crisis caused by the banks. We’re bored of politicians saying the same old things and not addressing real problems. We think it’s time the politicians stop talking and start listening.

Scotland made Westminster quake – they showed that when enough people speak up, politicians have to listen. But it’s just the start. We have to keep fighting and keep our voices heard. It’s time that people take back politics.

On the day that each party leader makes their speech, get on social media and together we will crash their conferences. It’s only going to work if lots of people get stuck in.

Labour’s Conference is first up.

More details coming soon.

See you online

Labour Party Conference: Sunday 21 to Wednesday 24 September

Conservative Party Conference: Sunday 28 September to Wednesday 1 October

Lib Dem Conference: Saturday 4 to Wednesday 8 October