Press release: Anti-cuts activists call day of action to support nationwide strikes

Anti-cuts activists call day of action to support nationwide strikes

UK Uncut activists [1], are planning to take action in support of public sector strikes on the 30 June, as part of the largest day of action against the government’s cuts so far. 750,000 public sector workers from major unions, including the PCS, the National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lectures are expected to take part in the first day of mass co-ordinated strike action against the coalition government’s policies.

UK Uncut will be part of the ‘Big Society Breakfast’ joining striking teachers and public sector workers across the country to show support for the strikes. They are expected to join picket lines across the country, bringing breakfast to the striking staff and building links between local direct action groups and union members. The protests will highlight that the strikes by the unions are another form of direct action against the cuts being taken by people in towns and cities across the country. It’s predicted that strike action will grow rapidly towards the autumn and UK Uncut are vowing to support and build on the strike action with more direct action protest against tax avoiders and the banking system [2].

The show of increasing unity between direct action groups and the unions follows UK Uncut’s last major day of action against NHS cuts when Unite, the UK’s largest union, and the PCS both called on their members to back the actions [3].

Jane Harris, 34, a teaching assistant from Birmingham said; “We are used to taking part in sit-ins, now it’s time to stand up with the people going on strike and the trade unions who are challenging the government’s cuts agenda. These strikes are about much more then public sector pensions, they are part of a fast growing national movement against the cuts. These cuts do not have to be made and will punish teachers, nurses and students who did not cause this crisis. That’s why on the 30th I will be out on the picket lines, side by side with the unions.”

Mark Williams, 26, from London said; “By joining the unions we can help show there are alternatives to the governments cuts. There are alternatives to the cuts, for example, making the banks pay for a crisis they created or stopping tax dodging by corporations and the rich. But the government is making a political choice in making ordinary people pay with job losses and savage spending cuts. As a national movement working together we can stop the coalition’s cuts and defend vital public services.”

In London, following the trade union march and rally in central London, UK Uncut are planning a public spectacle, inviting union members to take part in a creative protest to highlight the injustice behind the government’s cuts.[3]


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Notes to editors

[1] UK Uncut have creatively occupied hundreds of banks and retail shops belonging to tax-avoiding corporations over the last 8 months in towns and cities across the country. It is a direct action network with a national reach, and 30,000 followers on twitter.


[3] Further details of the event in London and actions taking place around the country will be released ahead of the day