Accessibility and Legal Information for Saturday

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On Saturday 28th January in central London, a group of disabled, sick and elderly people are going to engage in a daring and disruptive act of civil disobedience. UK Uncut will be there to support them. We hope that together we can stop the government’s Welfare Reform Bill in its tracks.

Thank you to everyone who pointed out problems with the accessibility of this action. We’ve tried to change some things to make the event more accessible and inclusive. We’ll also try and build these lessons into planning for future actions. Disabled people have been leading the battle against the Welfare Reform Bill, as they will be on Saturday.

Accessibility information

The meeting point for Saturday is outside Holborn Tube station. Holborn isn’t a wheelchair accessible station. This was a mistake made by UK Uncut and we apologise for this oversight. It is now an opportunity for lessons learned to inform and enrich our future actions, which will hopefully encourage more people to take action against the cuts with us.

The protest will involve being able to travel either by bus, taxi (this can be funded), or on foot/wheeling a reasonable distance from Holborn Tube station. If you have mobility issues and would like to attend the protest, please come to Holborn for 11am. Make yourself known to someone from UK Uncut (they’ll be holding a flag). We will then fund a taxi to take you to a point near the target. There will be people to ‘buddy up’ with at Holborn and someone to meet you at the other end, so we can get to the target together at the right time.

The protest will also involve being outside for at least an hour. We will try and bring portable chairs and raincoats, but please bring your own if possible. There will be an activist with British Sign Language, although they may not be available all of the time, so please let us know if you need any BSL support and we will try to provide this.

If you would like more information, please email with basic access support needed: e.g. do you need support with manual wheelchairs; do you need to be guided from the tube; do you need a ‘buddy’ to help? Send your mobile number to in case we need to text you.

Legal information

The fantastic Green and Black Cross legal support group will have legal observers there on the day, checking police behaviour, and giving out advice cards. Here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Take a look at this advice card, and keep one in your pocket on the day. This time, please call Hodge, Jones & Allen if you need a solicitor (07659 111 192).
  • Bring a friend with you, and make an agreement to look out for each other throughout the day.

Now that you’re prepared, we’ll see you at Holborn!