26th March: Get Creative – Get on the streets!

Here it is! The day of massive anti-cuts protests is finally here: tomorrow hundreds of thousands of ordinary people will take to the streets of London to oppose these unnecessary and reckless cuts that the government is choosing to make; as they continue to ignore alternatives such as chasing super-rich tax dodgers or changing our broken banking system.

But people know we can’t stop at marching from A to B if we’re serious about stopping this government’s reckless agenda. Tomorrow, instead of listening to the rally in Hyde Park, many of us will leave the march and head to Oxford Street, to transform branches of tax-dodging companies and bailed-out banks into hospitals, theatres, libraries, and more (check out our action page for more info). This is our chance to get creative, to get empowered and to take real get-in-the-way democracy to London. Starting at 2pm, Oxford Street will be completely recreated and in doing so, we will ruin the government’s lie that there are no alternatives to these brutal cuts.

Then, at 3.30pm we will all gather together at Oxford Circus and head to a secret target. Imagine the scene: a crowd of committed people, together setting up one massive occupation: what an amazing culmination to an amazing day. This is about serious issues; the most devastating cuts this country has seen since the twenties are about to bite and we’re serious about taking action against them.

But with so many incredible people in one place it’s inevitably going to be fun! We want to create the most colourful, lively, engaging space we possibly can, so come prepared! Bring balloons and beachballs, bubbles and boardgames. Bring decorations to completely transform the space. Bring crayons and felt-tips and chalk and pencils. Bring paper by the ream (please re-cycle) and we’ll make enough paper planes to fill up the skies. Musicians, bring your instruments; drummers, bring your drums; singers bring your voices and your favourite songs to sing. Bring picnics and we’ll have a feast. Most importantly, bring your excitement, your dedication and all of your energy.

Tomorrow is going to be an incredible day. We will see hundreds of thousands marching against the cuts and many of us getting creative on Oxford Street too. Come prepared and we’ll create a spectacle that will be fun, impressive and effective all at the same time.

See you on the streets…