Daily Archives: May 15, 2012

An invitation from Rahel and Shirley: UK Uncut’s 1948 Street Party call out video

Meet Rahel (age 6) and Shirley (81+3/4)

Rahel and Shirley would like to invite you to a party. A street party – with a twist. On the 26th May they’ll be taking to the streets to protest against the governments cruel and unnecessary cuts. It will be a celebration of resistance – an alternative street party where we define the future we want to see. A future uncut.

Rahel isn’t new to UK Uncut, her first occupation was back in February 2011. She helped us transform Natwest Camden branch into a creche to protest against the cuts to childcare services. Rahel’s holiday club is closing down because Camden Council cuts, so she’ll be there on the 26th May to fight for her future (hopefully she’ll have mastered the art of making ‘balloon cake’ by then).

Shirley you may recognise from another UK Uncut video, Shirley is 81 years old and has been campaigning to save the NHS for many years. She recently got carried away (literally) whilst unelected Lords voted on Lansley’s disasterous Health & Social Care Bill and says the fight ain’t over yet.

Join Shirley, Rahel, and UK Uncut on the 26th May for our 1948 alternative street party. Bring food, friends and fun.

Go to our action page to find your nearest street party. Look out for announcements running up to the day. Get yourself some bunting.

See you on the streets.